Pandora’s Box Production is independent film and tv production company, established by the director and producer Ilija Piperkoski.  With 2 production offices, one in Ohrid, Macedonia and the other in Bucharest, Romania, Pandora’s Box Production take full responsibility for managing the entire production process with less paperwork and more focus thus making the entire production procedure smoother. We have energy, enthusiasm, courage, initiative and fresh ideas. We serve our production partners by fully understanding their needs and expectations, providing the best solutions for locations, equipment, casting, crews, film stock, art department, wardrobe and most importantly - budget. Big budgets or small, we find a way to make it happen. Pandora’s Box Production offers full services from scouting and casting to production and post production of feature films, shorts, documentaries and commercials. Pandora’s Box Production offers you the best equipment on the market with special discounts through own deals.
To squeeze the script for the best possible result through production value, Pandora’s Box Production takes responsibility in each of its production services:

However, the outcome would be less perfect without our Post-Production services:

Pandora’s Box Production can help you find the best rates on our local market as for renting:

If you shoot on film, Pandora’s Box Production is recommending you using the film developing and post processing facilities owned by Kodak Cinelabs or from Abis Studio, Bucharest - Romania, one of our long term partners.
   We invite you to explore our current opportunities in making your feature film, music video, commercial, documentary.  Let us help make your project here, where the action starts, at Pandora’s Box Production .